Hogwarts House Tag – Gryffindor Edition

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This whole thing is Chantel’s idea. She texted Caidyn about seeing a video that did this so she wanted to make it a book tag. We’ve never seen it, so we’re claiming it as ours.

The inspiration for this tag comes from A Clockwork Reader on Youtube and I will post the corresponding recommendation video with each post because they are worth a watch. Gryffindor Recommendations.

The Hogwarts House tag. We’re doing a series of four, one each week for this month. This week, it’s Gryffindor!

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Give some sort of intro where you mention these rules, who tagged you if anyone did or where you saw it.
  • Pick two characters for each trait from that house and explain why you chose them. (Can’t pick Harry Potter characters and if you have multiple bloggers like we do, one each will suffice.)
  • Tag people if you want to, or don’t.

Caidyn will be in blue.

Chantel will be maroon as the spirit of the house calls for. 


I think that my choice is going to be a bit odd, but it also goes with the theme of bravery. Bravery is about not being afraid, but going forward in the face of danger. For that reason, I pick Eddie Kaspbrack from IT. He’s a lot like Neville, in a way. He has an overbearing mother. He easily gets scared. He’s a hypochondriac and needs medication out the ass.

Related image

Yet, he’s a fucking brave man and boy and I think he was one of the best characters in the whole book.

Related image


For brave, I felt it would be fitting to choose Danny from Dreadnought. If you haven’t heard of or read Dreadnought, go ahead, give it a go. As someone who isn’t fond of the superhero genre, this book managed to capture my attention despite that. This is a story about Danny who is turned into a superhero after the previous Dreadnought dies as she inherits his powers. 

As Dreadnought, Danny is finally in their ideal body as a female. Unfortunately, she isn’t out as trans to anyone. Not her parents and not her friends. So she is thrown into a world of transphobic people all the while trying to save the world. This creates a lot of scenarios where Danny has to stand up to her parents who don’t accept her and others who try to take away her identity.

This is a great book and I will get to the sequel soon, but I would highly recommend Dreadnought to everyone. 



A daring character. There are so many out there that it’s hard to choose between, you know? But, I’m going to go with Locke Lamora from the Gentleman Bastard series. Again, brilliant series if you haven’t had a chance to read it.

He basically takes so many risks and, well, stupid. He’s stupid a lot of the time. Being daring gets him into more trouble than he would have.


My pick for daring comes from a recent read that I adored. I went with Ersel from The Seafarer’s Kiss. The events of the book are set in motion because Ersel is daring. She takes risks by going outside the kingdom and collecting lost human items and takes the ultimate risk by going to the surface to save a human. If she wasn’t daring, she wouldn’t have been able to go on the journey that she did throughout the book. That doesn’t always mean she made the smart decisions, but she was willing to make the decisions and do what others were too afraid of doing which ultimately leads others to open their minds. 


I think chivalry is so hard because it’s not a word commonly used anymore. It’s a whole moral and social code of how to act. Men are brave and polite to women, women are unattainable. It’s something you would find in King Arthur and spread throughout all of the middle ages. But, now? Not so much. So, who’s a good and moral character who stands up for what’s right?

Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities, that’s who. And I am almost 100% sure that no one will get who he is and if they do, they’re still going to be confused why. While he wasn’t a great character as a whole, I definitely think that he had his final moment that showed his chivalry. He knew a code and followed it. I don’t think it fits him for his whole life, but his final moments truly showed it.


Ooh boy, did I struggle with this one. Like Caidyn said, this is sort of an outdated term, so I went with what I saw on Google. Noble, courageous, and courteous. After quite a bit of thinking, I landed on Kade from Every Heart a Doorway. He’s the Southern gentleman and my favorite character from the book. He wasn’t exactly the love interest since there wasn’t one, but if he had been I wouldn’t have been mad. If I had a book boyfriend, right now it’s Kade. 


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