September Wrap-Up/Book Haul and October Planning (sort of)

Damn, another month by. September always seems to fly to the point that it’s barely even a month. So, here we are, talking about what we read and what we’re sort of looking to do in October.

This month, we read The Handmaid’s Tale. Caidyn gave up after about 15% and Chantel finished it. In October, we’re each reading each other’s favorite Shakespeare play. Or, favorite unlikely one since we both love Macbeth. Chantel will be reading Richard III while Caidyn will be reading The Tempest.

Caidyn will be in blue.

Chantel will be in purple. 


Oh, lord here we go. 

Those are, more or less, actual images of me right now. Because I love Halloween and this season and technically it’s been Halloween for me since September but whatever. It’s official. Now the horror movies will be playing and I can chill out to people screaming and dying.

Nonono Bilbo
This is my legit reaction to this nonsense. Suck it up. 

However, September. I hit most of my goals. I finished close to all my ARCs; Queens of the Conquest, Shakti Rising, and Vanilla. As of writing this, I haven’t finished Halloween Carnival, Vol 1 or Cleopatra: I Am Fire and Air. Those will be the first two on my docket since they’re published pretty early in October. I also am going to continue reading The Temptation of Dragons since I didn’t finish it either.

But, as always, I listened to a lot of books. Napoleon: A Life; Murder on the Orient Express; Moriarty (a DNF for me); and A Tale of Two Cities (the link will actually take you to my review on Goodreads that I did a few years ago). I also did a buddy read of The Screaming Staircase.

For October, I know we’re doing something a little different. We’re not making a huge TBR list. I am since I do have ARCs that I need to complete. However, besides that, I’m going to go with the flow and not be stressed out about what to get done.

So, what did I buy in September? Not that much! I only got four books. Mainly I bought Funkos… which you guys will see one day when we get around to doing bookshelf tours. That’ll happen one day. Who knows when.

I bought a new copy of IT, which has a cover inspired by the movie. I just couldn’t help myself when I saw it.


Then, I also bought what’s been published in a series so far. It’s indie. I loved the first book and the author came out with a revised edition, so I just went ahead and bought that, the sequel, and the short story collection. Chameleon Moon, The Lifeline Signal, and Life Within Parole Volume 1. All of these are by RoAnna Sylver. She’s seriously awesome and the books are so diverse. No joke. A highly recommended one from me.


Happy October, everyone! 

Now, I’m excited this month. But not because it’s Halloween. I’m excited because I’ll be participating in the #GetGraphic Readathon from the 6th-8th. I will post my TBR for the readathon later this week. That same weekend, I’ll be volunteering (and spending money) at a giant book sale. So, I expect I’ll have a nice haul as opposed to this month when I only got e-books with the exception of my OwlCrate. 

And we’ll be doing a post about our book subscriptions from September later this month.

When it comes to reading this month, I DNFed Fortitude Smashed which was an ARC I got from Netgalley. I’ve linked the review if you haven’t read it already. The only book I completed this month was The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood which was for BW Book Club.

I’m really disappointed for not even getting to the TBR this month and the pressure of having a TBR has caused me to rethink my strategy. I’m just going to read whatever I feel like. With the exception of readathons. I like the freedom of being able to read whatever I want throughout the month and read the books I want to read. So, I’m going to give that a shot and maybe in October I’ll have read (*cough* finish) some books and get some reviews out. 

Me, facing my TBR. We all feel this way. The struggle.

I’m currently reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay and Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee which I’ve been reading for what seems like months. I hope to finish those two in October, but that is the only pressure I’m putting on myself because I just can’t handle it, y’all. 

Mini Book Haul 

This was completely unintentional, but I only bought e-books this month. I didn’t buy any physical books but guess what, I saved some money so there. Also, almost all of these were on sale or were free, except you The Handmaid’s Tale. Yeah, I’m looking at you.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale cover

I paid the full price for this e-book since it’s nearly impossible to get a copy from the library in a short amount of time and bookstores are charging full price for the physical copy just because of the Hulu show. Money grabbing whores. Anyway, this was the book Caidyn and I chose for the BW Book Club. For our full thoughts on it, check out our review. 

History is All You Left Me – Adam Silvera

History is all you left me coer

I’ve tried reading Adam Silvera before and while I like his writing, More Happy Than Not was just way too depressing for me. I doubt this one will be less depressing, but I’m all for reading diverse queer stories and it was $1.99. 

All of the Ugly and Wonderful Things – Bryn Greenwood

All of the Ugly and Wonderful Things cover

This is a book I’ve wanted to read for awhile and now that I have a copy on my Kindle, I hope to get to it soon. 

This one, I can’t wait for you to read and talk about. I loved this book but I can’t deny the creep factor it has, even though I love it and find the love story in there sweet.

Yeah, well I watch Game of Thrones, I think I can handle the creep factor. 

Tipping the Velvet – Sarah Waters

Tipping the Velvet Cover

Do I even need to explain this one? Yeah? Okay. Ladies loving ladies. That’s all I need to know. 

This is true. You do only need this.

Mad City: The True Story of the Campus Murders That America Forgot – Michael Arntfield

Mad City cover

This was free through Kindle First which is an Amazon Prime perk. I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but it looked interesting to me and I didn’t have to buy it. 

Oh, so this is the one you got? I never include the ones I get from Kindle First since I, like, never fucking read them.

Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll read it anytime soon. Maybe if I had the audiobook I’d be into it. Also, I’m just desperate to fill out my haul section. 



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