First Lines Friday

We’re here again. Yet another week passed us by. And, goodbye September! In a few days, it will be beautiful fall with the start of October.

Caidyn will be blue.

Chantel will be in purple. 

‘Vicar arrested for drunk driving’ is not the sort of headline my bishop wanted to read about his priests. So I slowed down my Ford as I saw the flashing lights of the police car ahead. An accident. I hunched low over the steering wheel, hoping to hide the tell take sign of the dog collar around my neck. My wine-sweetened breath wafted into my face, reminding me of the reason I must not stop to offer any assistance. I was pretty certain that I was not over the drink drive limit, but possibly very close.

So, what is it? It’s an indie book. It’s fantasy, believe it or not. (In a couple of paragraphs more, you get to that part of the book. Then, it’s pretty unique that it’s told from the perspective of a woman priest in the Anglican church.

Give up? (Don’t worry. I don’t blame you.)

It is….


The Temptation of Dragons (Penny White #1)

Chrys asked me to read this, like, back in July but I was too busy and didn’t get to it until this point. My goal was to read it in September but I just got to it. So, pretty sure this will extend into October. (Sorry, Chrys!)

The title caught me off-guard as well. It sounds like a romance and its summary on Goodreads, for me, didn’t serve it much better. However, it’s not romance. It’s a woman trying to make do as a priest and then gets thrust into this crazy world of dragons and unicorns and gryphons and snail sharks.

So far, it’s good and I’m enjoying the ride!

Before Hannah left, she asked if I was sure I’d be okay. She had already waited an hour past when the doors were closed for winter break, until everyone but the custodians were gone. She had folded a load of laundry, written an email, searched her massive psychology textbook for answers to the final exam questions to see if she had gotten them right. She had run out of ways to fill time, so when I said, “Yes, I’ll be fine,” she had nothing left to do except try to believe me. 

I helped her carry a bag downstairs. She gave me a hug, tight and official, and said, “We’ll be back from my aunt’s on the twenty-eighth. Take the train down and we’ll go to shows.” 

I said yes, not knowing if I meant it. When I returned to our room, I found she’d snuck a sealed envelope onto my pillow. 

This is a book written by an author I enjoy. I’ve already read one of their books this year and gave it a high rating. No, it’s not Patrick Ness, but he’s amazing. Go read his books! Anyway, the other book I read by this author was a book with an f/f relationship and I’ve heard this book, which came out this year, features another f/f relationship and I’m so here for that. I hauled this book last month as I finally got a physical copy after the book has been out for months. 

Without further ado, I present…

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour


If you haven’t read Everything Leads to You and want a sweet f/f romance along with an interesting plot, give it a try. I personally loved it and I felt it was fun and interesting. It was also fun for me as a film geek. As a result, I’m very excited to read this book and I plan to read it soon, so keep an eye out. Also, this takes place when the main character is in college, not high school. That was my main issue with Everything Leads to You, but I’m excited to see a book that takes place while the characters are in college. 

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