The Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

Once again, we were nominated for a lovely award by the lovely Emma at Thoughts of a Brown Eyed Girl. Thank you so much for the nomination! We really appreciate it. You always leave comments complimenting us and we really enjoy reading those. Dare I say, it adds Sunshine to our day.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

How does it work?

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.

Chantel will be in her regal purple.

Caidyn will likely be in his normal blue.

1. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate?

I think I’m in the minority here, but I adore white chocolate. Even though it isn’t chocolate, technically. White chocolate Reese’s are to die for. Also, my signature drink is a White Chocolate Mocha. This is a no-brainer for me. 

Did you know that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate? It’s a chocolate derivative. It doesn’t contain chocolate solids. I actually hate white chocolate, too. The taste is gross. Really, I’d prefer dark chocolate myself, but I also love milk chocolate from time to time.

Ummm…yeah, I said it in my answer it’s not really chocolate. I even bolded it in case you missed it and dark chocolate is garbage. 


Image result for bitch gif

I answered these at 7AM and didn’t have coffee. I don’t read every word you say. Dark chocolate is the bomb.

That much is clear.

2. What is one object that you cannot see yourself living without?

I find it hard to choose just one thing I cannot live without. However, I won’t deny that I can’t live without a computer or a smartphone. One or the other, but I need a way to connect with the outside world and you can do pretty much anything with the internet nowadays. Wait, should my answer be the Internet? Is that an object?

The internet is an object yet it isn’t. You can have it but never own it. I think I could live without the internet, though. I did for the first few years of my life, after all. But, I can’t see myself living without my car. It would really fucking suck if I didn’t have my car.

Ah, okay, I’ll stick with my computer and/or smartphone than with the addendum that I need access to Internet somehow. I have lived without the Internet. Doesn’t mean I want to, but I currently live without a car happily. Although, that would probably be different if Portland didn’t have a great transit system. 

3. What is the longest it’s ever taken you to finish a book?

I couldn’t give you a specific timeline for anything because I’m pretty sure it was before I started blogging and tracking my progress on Goodreads, but I would say it took me a really long time to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I actually went and saw the movie after struggling to read it and finally finished it after I saw the movie in theaters. Again, I don’t know how long it took me, but it took me a long time. 

Yes, I have you beat. The book that’s taken me the longest is one that I’m still reading. The Bible. No joke. Been reading it since 2015, so almost two years. I’m still on the Torah/Five Books of Moses. Aka, I haven’t even gotten to them establishing Israel.

4. Favorite color?

Uhh, rainbow! Nah, seriously I think my favorite color would be a dark blue or teal, but I don’t think about it much. 

My favorite color is the one that I write in.

5. If your life was made into a movie, what actor/actress would play you?

Ooh, this is a fun question! Obviously, my answer is Meryl Streep. 


Though, to avoid whitewashing I would probably pick Raven-Symone because I think she can nail my sense of humor. Clearly, we aren’t going for looks here. 

I mean, I could make a joke and say, Hillary Swank, because she played a transguy all those years ago. But, she doesn’t look like me. I think Elijah Wood would be the best choice since we sort of have similar facial features and height.

You are a Hobbit too?!

I am. Even though I really hate that series.

I didn’t read the book in middle school and have no interest, but I like Hobbits. 

6. If you could write one book with any author, who would it be and why?

PATRICK. NESS. DUH. We’d have a book with cute little queer sweeties and there would also be some weird shit going on. 

Mark Lawrence. My demons would come out to play.

Related image

7. What’s one book that you read for nothing but the cover?

So, I’m very picky about the books I read. I won’t just see a cover and pick it up, I need to know more about it to see if it’s something I’m interested in. I only read books that sound interesting and I think I will like. 

The most recent book was Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton. Super good.

8. What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Cinnamon rolls. 

yas yas yas

Mmmmm… eggs. I love eggs.

9. What was the first ever book to make you cry?

I have no clue. I used to cry about everything and now it takes a lot to make me cry. Unless I’m watching The Lion King. Seriously, I cried three times. I’ll put a short top three here of books that made me cry the hardest. 

  1. The Book Thief
  2. A Monster Calls
  3. I’ll Give You the Sun (because I hate it)

The first book that made me cry (that I remember) was Old Yeller. I have a distinct memory of my mom driving around the block for a long ass time while I was sobbing in the back over the ending.

10. Name a few of your favorite bloggers.

I mainly watch Booktubers, but honestly, I really enjoy reading people’s blogs, reviews, and tags. I definitely get motivated to read when I read what other people are reading. 

Jesus, seriously? I don’t know. (Where I am, it’s 7:30 AM and I haven’t had all my coffee yet and processing things is not happening.)

Jesus is a great blogger. 

I have found a new path for us:

Image result for jesus as a blogger

Oh, Lord. 

I also found this picture and am really confused.

Image result for jesus as a blogger


11. Favorite day of the week?


Oh yes. I went there. 

Goddammit, Chantel.

Image result for liam neeson gif i will find you

Sunday. It’s my day to treat myself.

I mean, I legit like that song and I want to share it with the world because Friday is an amazing day. 

I’m pretty sure I punched the last person who played that. We’re friends, but I will not hesitate.

Hey now, it’s a good thing you are on the other side of the country.  

Since we usually don’t tag people, we’ll leave 11 questions you can feel free and answer in the comments or just say we tagged you and post it on your blog. Go ahead, we’ll be okay with it.

1. What was a book you threw across the room in anger?

2. Do you prefer actual books or e-readers?

3. Have you ever been to a con? (Comic-Con, Dragon Con, BookExpo, etc.)

4. What is your process for picking out books to read?

5. What was your favorite book setting?

6. What is a book you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole?

7. What is your dream job?

8. What is one place you would love to travel to and why?

9. What is your favorite subject to learn about?

10. Have you ever read a book that you knew you wouldn’t like just to rant about things?

11. Do you have something random/weird that you geek out about?


7 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Awww, you guys are seriously the best! ❤️ Thank you so much for these kind words, they made my day! Both of your answers were awesome, as usual, so thank you guys for making me laugh this morning! 🤗

    I’ll definitely answer your questions later. 😉💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my god I love this!!! The GIF’s are perfection hahahaha, my favorite is either the “First of all BITCH” orrrrr the “YAS QUEEN” one 😂😂😂 Love it oh my. Your questions are sooooo good! I’ll have to do this. Andddd Caidyn I’m like that without coffee too. It’s bad enough sitting through 2 Algebra classes without it. Matter of fact, I’m going to get coffee riiiiight now. You guys are freakin great


    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually asked Chantel permission before using that gif since I didn’t know if it would offend her or not. Good luck with math. I haven’t taken a straight up math class in three years and it’s glorious. Thanks, Ash! Glad that you enjoyed it.

      – Caidyn

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I understand that, my best friend and I do that all the time, but I know some people don’t like it. Thanks, I absolutely hate it and I’m taking 2 classes per subject so it’s kind of hellllllll lol. You’re welcome!!

        Liked by 1 person

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