Rose City Comic Con 2017


As I announced in last week’s First Lines Friday, I attended Rose City Comic Con in Portland. I know it was a week ago, but it had been a long week getting back to work and I didn’t have a lot of motivation to do anything. However, I’ve recovered a bit and I’m ready to talk about some of the things I saw and bought at RCCC.

The con went from Friday until Sunday and while I went Friday and Saturday, I needed to recover before work on Monday so I didn’t attend on Sunday. Sometimes you just need a rest day.

Just for shits and giggles, here is a selfie from Friday and this is the shirt I was wearing. It was the official RCCC shirt from last year and I love this shirt. I don’t wear it outside of any cons and I was excited to wear it again.

Here is a selfie from Saturday and the shirt I was wearing.

Now, I love this shirt. It’s one of my favorite shirts, if not my favorite shirt. It’s puffy, it’s the Tardis, and it’s fantastic. I bought this at Wizard World Comic Con in February from the booth of J&R Apparels. I linked to their website if you want to check out other puffy shirts they have. Their shirts are really cool and super comfy. I highly recommend.

Also, my eyes look weird in that picture, but I’m gonna roll with it.

Saturday is also the day I bought the majority of prints and books. I didn’t get much so this is a fairly small haul, but I want to share some of the things with you and will include links to the artist if possible.


Niobe: She is Life #1 

Written by: Amandla Stenberg & Sebastian A. Jones

Illustrated by: Ashley A. Woods & Darrell May

Edited by: Joshua Cozine


I had not heard about Niobe at all before, but it’s a graphic novel from Stranger Comics and I was sold when I was told the concept of the graphic novel. The art on the front is gorgeous enough and it was written by Amandla Stenberg from The Hunger Games and Everything, Everything. I didn’t get to meet Amandla, the autographs on the graphic novel are from the Sebastian A. Jones and Darrell May. I look forward to reading this in the future. I am trying to read more graphic novels (since I’m not really a fan of comics and graphic novels…yet) so it makes sense that I would walk away from a Comic-Con with at least one graphic novel.

Ardulum: First Don by J.S. Fields


I think one of the highlights of the convention for me was going to a panel of queer authors and listening to them talk about how important representation on the page is. I went to the booth they were at after another panel. Not only was I happy to get LGBTQ+ book recommendations I’d never heard of before, but to meet queer authors that had books published was a lot of fun. I ended up buying Ardulum from J.S. Fields, but I definitely wanted to buy L.M. Pierce’s book, Trans Liberty Riot Brigade and while I didn’t I do plan on buying/reading in the future. I am always for buying and promoting queer author’s works. 


Artist: Jason W. Christman

I really love minimalist prints and this R2-D2 and Tardis print are two of my favorites. I knew I wasn’t walking away from this booth without getting the R2-D2 print. The Tardis print is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to get frames for these and hang them up. 

Artist: Bruce Brenneise



These two prints caught my eye as I was walking around, trying my best to look around me while everyone else was trying to move forward. The landscape is gorgeous and I love the ship in the top one. These prints are absolutely stunning in my opinion and I’m very glad I was able to buy these from the artist who was kind enough to hold them for me until I was ready to leave so I didn’t have to carry them all day. 

And finally: 


This year I got the Stranger Things themed Comic-Con shirt. I knew the moment I saw it, I wanted it. They actually had a large variety of shirts this year, but this was the one I wanted. I could’ve gotten the Sasquatch one to match last year’s, but I like having something completely different. Even though I didn’t get to wear it this year, I will wear it next year for sure. 

That is everything I bought at Comic-Con, however, I want to show off one more thing. Even though I didn’t meet any celebrities this year or get any autographs, I went to a panel and I’ll just leave these pictures here. No matter how hard they might be to see. 

I don’t know how good those look, but if you don’t recognize them that is James and Oliver Phelps who played Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films. It was really fun to watch them answer questions and talk about their experiences during, before, and after the Harry Potter films. 

The reason I posted about my weekend at Comic-Con was to demonstrate that someone who isn’t good with crowds and feels very socially awkward can go to a large event like this and still enjoy themselves. It’s definitely not for everyone and Saturday I felt very overwhelmed, yet I still had a great time. One day, I’d like to find a con buddy, but I’m not going to let that stop me from doing something I enjoy. 


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