Blogging + College = ???: Networking


Another edition, right? I hope everyone had a great weekend, and everyone from America has a great three day weekend!

The topic I’m going to touch on this post is networking. As in, getting your shit together and making nice with people even if you don’t want to. This is difficult for me.

On the inside, I’m an angry old man. I’m sure that Chantel will vouch there. I am an angry old man who will shout at children to get off my lawn. (Actually, I almost have a few times.) See the above man. Bobby Singer is me on the inside. I might be smiling, but, really, I’m channeling him.

I think people are stupid.

Image result for bobby singer gif

I’m sarcastic.

I swear too much.

I can be a bit mean.

So, obviously, this is a challenge for me. However, I did it on Thursday and I’m planning on doing it some more next week. I chatted with, by accident, three different professors from my minor, which is Religious Studies. One I scheduled to see since I haven’t seen her for a year and I love that woman. We talked for a good hour. The next two were by accident. My prof for Jewish Faith was by the copier and we started talking since it’d be awkward to just stop when I had time to talk. We talked about the class, then a professor I had last semester and am going to use as a reference (I just need to inform him that I am since he offers it every time I see him) came by.

So, there we are, in the middle of the hallway. Pulling out our phones to show each other our dogs and then me lifting up my shorts to show off my tattoo of my late dog’s paw.

And then, as I said, I have to do this at least twice more this semester.

Basically, I have to ask two more people to be my references. I feel like I’m going to die. And now Bobby is shouting at me.

It just really sucks, but this is a part of being an adult. You have to be nice and make friends, otherwise, you won’t survive. Although I hate it, I’m good at it. I’m a great student and I try to be nice to all of my professors, which means that they like me. Hell, my advisor was so impressed by me during a chance meeting (all because I was able to talk about fMRIs) that he offered then and there to be my advisor.

So, I guess that I’ll be okay.

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Now, serious talk. Are there any topics that you guys would like to touch on? Seriously, I’d love to hear what you guys would want to see from my experience and what’s worked for me on them. Feel free to leave a comment and your request will probably be a part of this series.

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