First Lines Friday 

Omg, it’s already Friday again. I was so tempted to put a Rebecca Black gif in here. You’re welcome.

I would have killed you if you did that.

Hey now, Friday is a catchy song that celebrates the best day of the week. 

Apparently, we’re starting early with the colors because I’m putting them in. Me (Caidyn) will be in blue. Chantel will be in purple.

I forgot that we were doing this. Chantel kindly started the draft which made me nearly cry because I forgot and am feeling very slightly overwhelmed tonight for some reason. But, what’s new with that?

Onto my book, though.

Imagine a land centuries before industrialization, a rural, green land of vast royal forests and open fields, wild moorlands, and undrained marshlands, with scattered villages overshadowed by towering castles, and small, bustling walled towns. A land inhabited by just two million people, whose lives were dominated by the twin calendars imposed by farming and the Church.

This was a realm torn by conflicts between Church and Crown, and by centuries of strife between the indigenous Anglo-Saxon population and the land-hungry Danes; a realm that bore the scars of the savagery of the Viking invaders, who had colonized parts of the island’s north and east — yet nevertheless a realm in which trade and learning flourished, and kings traced their lineage back through the mists of time to Noah and the Norse god Woden. This was an age of faith and superstition and an age of bloody warfare.

Imagine, in place of today’s modern traffic and electronic noise, the sound of birdsong, animals, church bells, plainchant, human voices and the occasional hunting horn or strumming of a lyre. This pleasant land, this rural landscape, was England in the time of the Norman queens.

Did I bore anyone to death? Yes? Oops. Sucks for you. (I only included that much because I thought the prologue painted a beautiful picture.)

Image result for orphan black gif

Except replace the martini with wine.

Guesses? No? Okay.

You’ve already threatened and now have attempted to kill me this far into the post. I didn’t realize were at attempted murder already.

Should it surprise you that we are? If I’m pimping you out, then we should be here.


While I don’t trust Weir as much as I’d like to these days, I do think her nonfiction is way better than her fiction. I just have to realize she has a bias. Basically, this book covers different queens in the same era. I’m in the process of reading it, so I don’t know how comparable the eras are. However, it covers Matilda of Flanders (wife of William I), Matilda of Scotland (first wife of Henry I), Adeliza of Louvain (second wife of Henry I), Matilda of Boulogne (wife of King Stephen), and Empress Maud.

It’s right up my alley and I’m excited to read it. But it probably sounds boring to everyone else.

Holy shit, three queens named Matilda. I only know one Matilda and she’s badass. 


I have never seen that movie or read that book. And Matilda was a very popular name. King Stephen actually took the throne from Empress Matilda, though. She would have been the first queen of England. She legit fought a war over it against him.

Now onto my book. 

Jess grits her teeth, going for a running start. The gravel on the trail crunches under her feet, the wind rushes through her hair, and she can taste success. This time. This time, she’s gonna make it. 

The canyon is streaked with color, warm in the afternoon light; golden striations race across the signature rusty reds of the landscape. The sky is a gorgeous impossible blue, and the clouds flutter down the endless horizon, a perfect backdrop for a first flight.

That was exciting, right? RIGHT? It totally was. I was definitely hooked into this book from the first two paragraphs as I was left in anticipation of what was going to happen. This is a good example of how to hook the reader. 

These are the first lines to…

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

Not Your Sidekick cover

I’m currently reading this book right now, and I don’t want to spoil my feelings on it. I’ll save that for my eventual review, but this is a book that takes place in a world where superpowers exist. This concept is similar to another book I’ve read called Dreadnought, I hope to read the sequel this month, and while I’m not a huge superhero fan both of these books feature LGBTQ+ characters and I’m a huge fan of that. Isn’t the cover gorgeous? So far, there has been a lot of beautiful descriptions of the Nevada landscape. I look forward to seeing what comes next in this book as I’ve heard great things about it from the few booktubers I’ve heard talking about it. 

I do like the cover and I’ve heard great things about this book as well.

You will just have to eagerly await my review.


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