Wonder Woman Book-Tag

We were tagged by Emma, go check her out, in a book tag themed in honor of Leigh Bardugo’s new book. Neither of us has read anything by her (technically Caidyn DNFed the first Grisha book) or have a real interest in this, but why not? We’re always down for tags even if it takes us awhile.

This tag was created by Amber of Amber’s Books and More on her Youtube Channel.

Caidyn’s answers will be in blue.

Chantel’s answers will be in purple.

1.  Wonder Woman:  Your favorite badass female book character.

Do I have to choose? Come on. If I have to, I’m fond of Hermione Granger for many reasons. She’s pretty BA. Then, I also really love Mrs. Weasley. Okay, I’m changing my answer to Mrs. Weasley. She’s a great mom, has enough love to extend over the whole world, and can kill people when those she loves are threatened.

Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, the Khaleesi of the grass sea, the breaker of chains, blah blah blah. Does it count if I haven’t read the books? Don’t care. 

dracarys gif

Psh. Her? Mrs. Weasley would beat those dragon’s asses. I know you don’t care. Chantel don’t give a fuck about rules.

How could I not pick Dany? She is a BAMF that transcends TV and books, plus I couldn’t think of anyone else. 

2.  Fantasy Island:  A book setting you want to escape to.

That’s a hard question. My gut instinct is Hogwarts, but then my next instinct is that I’d love to go to King-verse. Aka, the world of Stephen King. Terrifying, but it’d be so interesting to spend a day there.

I would love to escape to Hogwarts too. I feel you on that, Caidyn. Also, you crazy. However, I choose Hobbiton, because I’m a hobbit. Even though I haven’t read the books. 

Also, Hogwarts when Harry was there. I’d like to just be in the background watching the shit go down. I know I’m crazy. I can admit it. AND STOP CHOOSING THINGS YOU HAVEN’T READ.

I’ll also be in my bubble with King-verse.

I don’t need to read the books if I’m a legit Hobbit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go marry young Bilbo. 

surprised bilbo

The books suck and young Bilbo? I think older Bilbo is more your speed.

How do you think he got that way? 

fucking crazy

A+ use of gif.

3.  London:  A hyped book that let you down.

So many. A Darker Shade of Magic, And Then I Darken, Strange the Dreamer. Most books that get hyped end up letting me down.

A Darker Shade of Magic, hands down. I was so stoked for this book and everyone was raving about it, but I was really disappointed. 

4.  Steve Trevor:  A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story.

The Book Thief. There are many covers for the book, but this is my favorite:

The Book Thief

Most people know the story, so why get into it? But, beautiful cover and story.

I agree. I almost chose that cover for my post, but I went with the version of the book I own. 

For me, I have to go with Release by Patrick Ness. The UK Cover. The US cover made me want to slap someone. 

Release book cover

I mean it’s gorgeous. Why change it?? Also, this is my choice because of the cover. The story is good, but there are elements that kept it from being great in my opinion. Still, I’d recommend anything by Patrick Ness. 

That one is a pretty cover.

Wait, we actually agree on something? 

Donna.Doctor surprised gif

Now, the real question, who is Donna and who is Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor?

I’m Donna, duh. 

So I get Rose and you forget everything and turn into a dick.

Oi, watch it space man!

5.  Lasso of Truth:  A book you hated.

Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession by Alison Weir. Fuck that book. There are so many things wrong with that book, but I have a feeling that no one wants to hear me rant about.

I feel like I don’t have a new answer for this so I’m going to go with Adam by Ariel Schrag. I’ve never been so angry at a book. 

That’s the name of the book about the guy who faked being a transman to sleep with a lesbian, right? Which makes sense on zero levels.

Yes, and the fact that it WORKED makes it a shit book. I personally have nothing wrong with someone exploring their sexuality, but the female character in this book was just a love interest for Adam. Even though she was said to be a lesbian. I rarely get offended by a book, but this book managed just that. 

6.  Wonder Woman’s Shield:  A book so sad you need a shield.

The Book Thief or A Monster Calls. Those books are super sad and have made me bawl in the past.

Damn, Caidyn. You didn’t have to take both good answers. I would’ve said The Book Thief since I thought I could make it through without crying, but nope. Instead, I’ll go with Room by Emma Donoghue. I will likely never read this book again because it was really hard to get through the first time.  

I’ve never read that book and probably never will. It doesn’t seem my speed.

I wouldn’t recommend it to you. It’s good, but hard to read. 

7.  Ares:  A villain that is scary but you can’t seem to hate.

Jorg Arancrath. He’s terrifying and I hate him for who he is, but I just love him. I found myself rooting for him throughout The Broken Empire series.

Goddamn it, stop taking my answers! You know I don’t like villains, Caidyn! 

Sucks, doesn’t it? You did it the last time.

Pick Bellatrix or Smaug or someone off GoT.

Bellatrix sucks. I already picked a character from The Hobbit and GoT. Even if I hadn’t I couldn’t choose anyone. I just don’t root for bad guys. Unless they are Jorg. 


Image result for bellatrix gif

go home

i am home excuse you

8.  The Amazons:  A book that you wish had more / better LGBT+ representation.

(I have a feeling that Chantel’s going to have more opinions with this, but here are my two cents.) Anything by Laini Taylor. I’ve read four books by her now and I can’t remember any LGBT+ characters in them.

The whole Harry Potter series, hands down. For me, saying Dumbledore is gay after the series has been completed isn’t enough. If you wanted an LGBT+ character in your book, make it one of the thousands of children who attend Hogwarts, jeez. 

Great point. (I’ve heard your argument against Dumbledore many times.) Luna will always be genderfluid and Ginny will be probably trans to me. And Fred will be gay. Harry bisexual.

I know, right? I’m also totally down with those headcanons. I also see Luna as ace. Just me? 

I don’t know. Maybe demi, which is technically a part of the ace spectrum. I always saw her as gay for Ginny. (But still could be an ace.)

Come on J.K. we shouldn’t have to write this for you. 

Justice League:  What superhero book friends do you tag?

As for tags, we’re going to tag everyone who hasn’t done this yet! If you want to answer these questions, go right ahead. (We know that basically everyone we follow has been tagged, so yeah.)

17 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Book-Tag

  1. Update: Still obsessed with you two doing book tags and bickering. I’m never gonna get tired of reading these by you two. 😂😂 And, thanks for the shout-out! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You two are the cutest!! And funniest!!

    YES I feel like Mrs. Weasley is so underappreciated? Like I know she’s technically not a YA heroine, but she’s so awesome and can beat the crap out of anyone who dares to threaten any of her precious children. ALSO YES I would so bend the knee for Dany, I swear whenever I hear her say “Dracarys” I get shivers down my spine

    (plus I adore the ample amount of HP references in this post ;))

    Liked by 1 person

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