The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes, #1)



This book reminded me a lot of BBC’s Sherlock. At first, it was good. It was amazing and had great plots that were so damn clever that I didn’t get them and thought about how amazing they wound up being. The characters were fantastic, just perfect and so deep. Everything about it was fantastic. Until it became a clusterfuck. Moriarty was in everything to the point that it didn’t work whatsoever. All the villains were like him. The Eurus Mess (I’m thinking of patenting that phrase) where it was so obvious that no one did research on the mental illnesses they were incorporating in.

The plots became absolutely contrived with no cleverness, just using paradoxes or simple fixes because they came up with things too difficult to solve. The deep characters are literally all men and the women are used to further men’s causes. (There was only one unique female character in that show and she was reduced to “bitch”.)

And this book was like that.

The characters were spot on… until they weren’t. Sherlock was odd and secretive, yet became extremely moralistic in a way that wasn’t ever in the books. John was smart and the writing style Horowitz affected was wonderful, yet he too got too moralistic and almost anachronistic at times. Minor characters stopped ringing true from the beginning to the end.

The plot was super interesting… until it got unrealistic. This had two mysteries in one that made me ponder and question things. The Flat Cap and the mystery of Ross. I was kept on edge, waiting for the grand reveal. Yet I was just left with questions. Why did a certain character show up except to set up the next book? Why was there a certain plot without any hints given? (Which was the chapter I had to listen to three times to make sure I got straight.) Actually, why did both of the mysteries have resolutions that had no hints?

Sorry, Sherlock, but no. I felt like I was reading something Moffat and Gatiss came up with at 3AMย on AO3 or and published without getting any beta readers. I was left feeling meh. I’m going to give the second book a go to see if the set-up actually pays off, but I don’t know if I’ll trust it.

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