First Lines Friday

After Emma got us into doing book tags, we started paying more attention to things. One thing that we saw and really liked was First Lines Friday, so we’ve decided to make it a new part of our blog!

First Lines Friday (as the various things tell us) is a weekly meme hosted by Wandering Words. The rules are pretty simple. Pick a book, a current read or TBR, and open the first page. Then, copy the first few lines without giving anything away. Finally, reveal the book.

Caidyn’s text will be in blue. 

Chantel’s text will be in whatever color she feels like (purple) because she is a strong, independent woman who needs no person (even a man with a hella great beard). BTW Caidyn wrote that first part, but I’m keeping it in because it’s fact. It totally is true. The BW stands for something specific to this. 

They used to be fishermen, but that night hunger made them thieves. Under a moonless sky the men set out from the island in small wooden skiffs, sailing across the ink-black sea towards the distant kingdom. They were crowded in the long thin boats, crammed shoulder to shoulder, some turned sideways or doubled over to shield themselves against the waves. Gusty wind and angry water forced a few ships to turn back, while others were lost to the surf, and those who journeyed onward kept their eyes focused on the horizon, searching for the dim silhouette of the Dromus. The skiff rolled and the boy caught sight of the desert barrier. The great wall was hewn from cider-gray rock and reflected no light, its jagged ridge biting at the low-hanging stars like a blacker piece of night.

So… what is the book? Any guesses? Anyone?

Nothing? Well, okay then. It was:



This is one of those moments when I wish I had just tossed it in, but I’m doing an impromptu buddy read with Emma! She approached me about it, knowing that I have some interest in Egypt (which I do and will get more to later). My library didn’t have it, so I had to request it for purchase. Since my library is stubborn, it can take anywhere from a few weeks or a year to get books they’ve put on order. We called it off and decided to postpone it, but suddenly I got the book and we’ve started it.

Now, back to Egypt. Soleri is, basically, a retelling of the last dynasty of Ptolemaic Egypt. Aka, Cleopatra. It’s a fantasy and in a fictional world, but the parallels are incredible. This is why I like this stuff. It doesn’t have to be historically accurate when you make it a fictional world. So far, I’d highly recommend it because it just keeps getting more interesting.

Is it bad that the description of the book interests me more than the actual first lines of the book? My eyes rolled straight in the back of my head when I read those lines. No joke. 

Go away, Chantel. No one asked for your opinion. But I do kinda agree. The first lines have to do with the book’s ending… which I’m not to yet.

A gif from me to you. 


One summer night I fell asleep, hoping the world would be different when I woke. In the morning, when I opened my eyes, the world was the same. My hand reached for the dial on the radio. “Alone” was playing. Crap, “Alone,” a song by a group called Heart. Not my favorite song. Not my favorite group. Not my favorite topic. “You don’t know how long…” I was fifteen. I was bored. I was miserable.

This is a really popular YA book so I wouldn’t be surprised if people knew the first lines of this book. It is a favorite and always seems to be recommended in every LGBT+ recommendations videos, blogs, etc. I see. Do you really need any more hints? 

J Law Wink

You don’t need any more hints. Or Jennifer Lawrence’s awkward winks since now, when I see her, is the weird conspiracy theory about how she split up Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

That’s on you for believing crazy internet people. J Law is an American treasure. I never said that I believed them.


It’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. If you can say all of that without taking a breath, I applaud you. 

Aristotle-and-Dante-Discover-the-Secrets-of-the-Universe cover

I haven’t read this book yet (yes, I know, the shame) but those first lines spoke to me. This was my other birthday present from Caidyn the other being Queens of Geek. Thanks again. I can’t help but agree that “Alone” isn’t my favorite Heart song, however, it won’t stop me from singing out loud wildly off key. Is it bad that I relate so much to a fifteen-year-old boy? Actually, don’t answer that. 

I’m answering it anyway. Thought you would. It’s not bad, but it’s funny. You relate to a gay (is he gay because I haven’t read the book… not surprisingly), 15-year-old (gay) boy. I ALSO LOVE THAT SONG SO HOW DARE YOU CHANTEL. Even though I had to actually look up the song to remind myself and then spent the whole video laughing at their outfits and hair. Have a listen to These Dreams or All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You or Barracuda, you can thank me later. (I have listened to Barracuda and I do not like.) Also, I am half tempted to post the picture I took when I went to Stonewall Inn this summer and almost got super drunk with my friend before wandering around the super gay area. Ah, a great story right there. (Tangent, but the sticker on the book cover brought up memories.) CAIDYN, STOP TANGENTING ON MY SECTION. I WILL NEVER STOP. But it calls for another post, I guess.

3 thoughts on “First Lines Friday

  1. You guys seem to bicker like two siblings who have known each other their entire lives, or two people who have been married for way too long. 😂 I love this post! I’m glad the tag inspired you both! And, thank you guys so much, for putting a smile on my face this morning. 💚💜💙

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