Close Her Eyes by Dorothy Simpson

Close Her Eyes



After such a promising start of a very religious man’s daughter going missing, then being found dead, it slowly went downhill. There were times when I wasn’t able to follow what had happened in the past pages or there were things that were stated that didn’t connect for me.

I think that’s because I had just come back from vacation when I started reading this. A vacation when I got up at 4AM to get a bus to the airport and I was exhausted since I got no sleep. So, having concentration wasn’t my key thing. It was interesting and I still really loved the characters. Thanet is great and since this is the fourth book in the series, I know that I missed some stuff since his wife is suddenly studying to be a nurse and Lineham’s married with a kid on the way. So that messed with me because things changed that I hadn’t expected. My own fault since I should have just gone for the second book in the series.

However, the tone was still the same. Everything was logically laid out and it made sense when it came down to it. I had hedged my bets on someone else so I was wrong when it came down to the killer. But, for anyone who is triggered by the following things or doesn’t like reading about child molestation, statutory rape, and uber religious family abuse, be warned. It’s not really described, but there are mentions of it that could be a problem.

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