The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional by Agustin Fuentes

The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional



Being a psychology major, you have to have a passing familiarity with evolution. Not just our old ancestors, but more than that. Knowing that you can track the progression of human brain growth and how/when skills might have been acquired by looking at the size of a skull. Then you can compare humans and apes, seeing what may or may not match up. How humans could have become the way they are.

Then, there’s evolutionary psychology with how things have stayed throughout the centuries. Why things stick and then others don’t. How traits carry on through the years despite them seeming undesirable.

While I don’t plan on going into evolutionary psychology or theory (although it’s fascinating) I know all of this thanks to my classes. Not just psychology, but cultural anthropology. My professor started out talking about the last common ancestor (LCA) and sort of on through there since you have to know the basics of hominids.

All of that being said, I have ample background on this topic. Practically everything Fuentes mentioned in his book I had either heard before or it was a slightly different twist on it. I wish he had spent more time on some things, but I love the spin on it. The reason why we have all of these abilities that are uniquely human is that of creativity. It’s, well, creative. And how he used facts and showed them in a new light, it really helped make his point.

For anything else, I’d want this book for reminders about human evolution and to use for any research I have to do in the future since it’s such a good resource point. I definitely recommend this book more to beginners on this topic than people who know a lot.

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