The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul by Jay Lombard

The Mind of God: Neuroscience, Faith, and a Search for the Soul



I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for an honest opinion.

I thought that I would like this book better. It basically combines my major and minor — psychology (with a bit of a focus on biological) and religious studies — in a way to try and talk about how science and religion work together. That’s something I do believe. I’ve had my moments of odd experiences, ones that I can’t explain. I do think that there’s a higher power and some sort of afterlife. Whatever those are, I have my opinions and you have yours. We’ll all find out one day, after all.

But, this book focused more on philosophy than science at times. I know and like science more than philosophy. I’ve taken my mandatory philosophy classes and that’s all I want in my life. It’s not my area. Too dense. So, that, for me, was rough. For such a short book that was written in a very accessible way, if it got past the anecdotes Dr. Lombard had, my eyes would glaze over. I really had to concentrate to understand. Some chapters were easier than others, but it was a bit too dense for my liking. I know, it’s a topic that’s supposed to be dense

But when I have a basic understanding of religion, neuroscience, and a touch of philosophy, it’s not a good sign for people who don’t have that. A lot of what Dr. Lombard wrote as interesting, just that the way it was written didn’t work for me. He had a set of questions he wanted to answer in scientific ways, then would begin the chapters with anecdotes. Those anecdotes didn’t always lead back to the topic as a whole. The connections he made didn’t meld with my brain.

This book is a case of: “It’s not you, it’s me.” It’s a topic that I personally enjoy reading about. And it’s full of interesting topics that I’m actually familiar with, at least on a passing level. It’s just the way it was presented didn’t work for me.

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