A Long Way Home: A Memoir by Saroo Brierley

A Long Way Home: A Memoir



I read almost all of this in one sitting. Like, by the time I had to actually get up and do something, I had a few chapters left. For me, that’s revolutionary. I don’t have the time to just sit and read these days. But, it was the day after I had takenΒ three finals. I had gotten up at 5AM and didn’t get home/done until after 5PM, so 12 full hours of studying and tests.

This book isn’t a difficult read. Saroo isn’t the best writer, but he’s good enough. After having a very long day, I just needed a book that I could read without thinking too hard about. This was perfect for it. I could read it and experience it, then go on with my day. I didn’t want a book that would make me piece life together and concentrate too much.

And, as I said, Saroo isn’t the best writer. There are times where he could have seriously taken advantage of emotions and hit things home more. Told us his emotions rather than just telling the story. Give us, the readers, a glimpse in. I wish that had been in there more because it just would have emotionally destroyed me rather than make my face pucker up a few times.

I loved him talking about his life in India. That was my favorite part of the book. After he was adopted and went to Australia, it wasn’t as emotionally impactful for me, so I just coasted. When he got to India again, that was another emotional part for me where I was so drawn into the story.

A good book, but it could have been written in a more emotional way to draw me in as a reader. Still good, but I have a feeling that the movie (when I watch it) will give a more emotional punch.

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