Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher




Yet again, I feel as if I’ve missed something valuable. I was never a huge Star Wars fan. I never got into Carrie Fisher’s work one bit. She was good as Leia, but I never really saw her in anything else. Earlier this year, I listened to The Princess DiaristΒ by her and I found that she was absolutely hilarious and had great stories. Why didn’t I pay attention? Why didn’t I really care? So, I put a hold on this book to listen to it as well.

Let me tell you, it’s still completely trippy to listen to the voice of a woman who passed away as she tells you about her life. I almost got teary-eyed when she talked about her mother putting dots on items to mark aside as Carrie’s when she died. Sadly, Carrie went first and never got whatever items she wanted.

Not only was Carrie funny with great stories, she also had a very severe form of bipolar disorder. Severe to the point that she became psychotic during a manic phase. And got treated through electroconvulsive therapy. ECT is the last resort. Most psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists/whatever don’t recommend it these days. The medication is so good that once you get the right dosage, bipolar disorder is manageable. Typically side effects are the problem. And that people with bipolar disorder are, as a whole, very against medication and are wary about it. So, hearing she had gone through ECT took me aback. Sure, the APA says it’s all good and safe and yadda yadda yadda, but it still phases me.

While I can’t say that I heard anything new, this book gave me a huge appreciation for her. She’s a brave woman for talking about living with bipolar disorder. It’s one of those disorders that everyone knows about, yet no one wants to talk about. Or acknowledge is a thing. Not only that, but she confronted her problem with drugs and came back from it.

All in all, a hilarious and (pun slightly intended) sobering book. Here’s to you, Carrie. Hope you’re having a blast wherever you are.

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