Dreamcatcher by Stephen King




I’ve finally found a Stephen King novel that I don’t like. Yes, I said it. I don’t like this one and DNFed it around 70% just because I couldn’t go through with it. I planned on listening to it through my time at work, but I had to stop myself. I went into this with low expectations as well, having read a couple negative reviews. (Here and here for those interested.)

What was wrong with it?

Aliens. I don’t like alien stories much. Could care less about them, but I thought that if someone could do it in a way I liked it, it would be Stephen King. Yet, he laced it with farting and poop and butts, so by the time you get to the philosophical things with Mr. Gray and Jonesy, I checked out completely.

Not only that, but it felt so much like a rehashing of his greatest hits. IT, The Shining, and Carrie particularly. Then, according to the above reviews I read, it was just another The Tommyknockers. Not one I’ve read personally, but it has the same alien themes. And, while I enjoy people going and using the same themes, it just has to be doneΒ differently than the last time. But this one was so much like IT that it made me sad, especially seen it done in such a bad way.

Group of friends. Different age group this time around. Not 10-11, but in their early teens. Instead of defeating a clown, they help a boy with Downs Syndrome. Instead of no real sexual tension, there’s a lot of talking about seeing a girl’s vagina and fart jokes galore. It made me sad knowing that. I mean, it was just badly done because I can’t tell you the group’s names, to be honest. There was barely any backstory to them and their relationships, or why they stayed friends. It just was lacking in so many areas. I won’t go into the treatment of an intellectual disability in this book because, in a way, it felt disgraceful to me.

Basically, only read this if you love Stephen King and are committed to reading all of his books. Other than that, stay away. I regret the time I spent on this when I was sure I didn’t like it by 30% in and wasted 40% more on it.

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