About the Bloggers

Note: Chantel is currently on hiatus from the blog until further notice, but she will be active on Twitter and Instagram. 

The two of us met online and quickly became friends, discovering more and more that we had in common. In January 2017, we started reading books together (our BW Book Club was created then and you can find past reads here). By March 2017, we made this blog. Now, we’ve branched out and you can find us on Instagram and Twitter. We each have a Goodreads account, and you can find Caidyn’s here and Chantel’s here. If you want to fuel our reading habit, we have Amazon wishlists, and you can find Caidyn’s here and Chantel’s here!

We do take review requests! Feel free to pop over to our contact page to fill out the form. If you fill it out, please put who it’s addressed to, whether it’s one or both. It makes it easier to quickly respond to you.

Also, we have a very rough posting schedule. Which is:

  • Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday
  • Thursday: book tag or award (bimonthly)
  • Friday: First Lines Friday or Gushing With Caidyn and Chantel (joint)
  • Saturday: Down the TBR Hole (Caidyn) or The Soundtrack of My Life (Chantel)
  • Every other day: usually a book review

Now, a bit more about us. In our joint posts, we always differentiate who is writing/talking by color, so here goes:

Chantel will be in purple.

Caidyn will be in blue.

For someone as talkative as I am, you would think it would be easy to talk about myself. You’d be wrong folks.

I guess I should start with the important information. My name is Chantel, I am 26 years old, and I identify as panromantic and asexual. Those are the labels most important to me, but to keep things simple and short, I use queer to identify as well. To me, it encompasses everything and while I’d rather not get into the debate about the usage of queer, I’m not going to stop using it to identify myself, period.

Okay, that came off a little aggressive. I swear I’m not that aggressive normally, but when it comes to issues that deal with the LGBTQIA+ community, then I care quite a bit.

Anyway! I work full-time at a hardware store and when I’m not working, I’m sitting in my recliner watching Law and Order: SVU. Occasionally, I’ll get out of the apartment and interact with other humans, but it is quite rare to see me out in the wild.

Chantel, for not talking about yourself, you just talked a whole lot. (I tease.)

Perhaps I should’ve gone quality not quantity.

I’m Caidyn. I’m an aro/ace transman. Or something like that. I’m like Chantel and I usually use queer as my identifier. Short and sweet way to do it. Plus, I like calling myself queer because it also means that I’m really weird. Which is true.

The weirdness is very much in my life. I love true crime. I live for learning about horrific things, tbh. I also love Tudor history. Then I read a whole lot of mystery and thriller. I’m sure Chantel will lovingly point out more of my weirdness.

Unlike Chantel, I admit that I’m aggressive. She’s just passively so. WOW! See, this is what I’m talking about. ANYWAYS besides blogging, I work part-time at a warehouse (where I learned way too much about skates) and I’m a full-time student. I graduated from Rockhurst University in December 2017 with a BA in Psychology. As of August 2018, I’m in the University of Kansas’s MSW program where I will be focusing on geriatric care.

But, I also read, watch TV, listen to podcasts, and eat a lot of food.

Did I miss anything, Chantel? You missed talking about Watson. Your weird cat with a bite and foot fetish.

Yeah, Watson is my fluffy cat and he really likes to bite and lick my toes. He’s just a weirdo, but I love him.

Literally when we did a video chat after I graduated (and where I drank a whole bottle of champagne by myself) he bit her a million times.

He’s definitely a biter and I’m not into it. That’s good to know about you. Don’t bite her.

Btw, Caidyn is such a wino.

Very true. I’m about to have some red wine.

I’m on my second cider so you are in good company.

This “About Us” has turned into “About Our Drinking Habits”.

Everything is fine.

We’re 100% normal. But maybe we should try to get back to talking about ourselves?

I don’t have much more to say.

Tldr: We’re pretty boring people who ramble and like alcohol.